26 - 29 November 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre

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Innovation in Concrete Summit

The conference ‘Innovation in Precast Summit’ held at the Middle East Concrete, part of The Big 5 held at Dubai World Trade Centre is brought together by industry experts, locally and internationally. The conference will shed light on some of the precast sector's most important topics.

Introduction to Precast Concrete Basics:

A. Development and Status of the Precast Concrete Construction Industry

B. Traditional vs Precast Concrete: How Precast Concrete more beneficial compared to traditional methods in construction in terms of:-

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Sustainability
  • Quality Control

C. Understanding and recognizing failure mechanisms in precast concrete

Precast Concrete Basics: Technology, Sustainability and Design

A. New trends in the use of Precast Concrete

A dive into what the latest prefabrication technology trends and what the digital age has to offer the precast concrete industry

  • Case studies of various manufactured concrete applications
  • Success stories in the precast industries.

B. Disaster Mitigation using Precast

The session will provide an overview of regional building codes and structural safety while incorporating risk reduction strategies for different building layouts.

  • Tall buildings
  • Affordable Housing
  • Large Villas 

C. Sustainable Use

  • Why precast is considered greener than Cast in-situ concrete?

Future of Precast Concrete

The construction industry in the Middle East has been thriving in the lead up to the Expo 2020. The speaker will offer his forecast on how the Precast Industry is keeping up with Dubai’s vision by identifying the economic factors generating demand from the precast industry.

A. Has the Middle East caught up to boosting precast projects?

  • Global and regional marketing dynamics affecting the precast concrete sector