25 - 28 November 2019

Dubai World Trade Centre

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Presentations 2015

Here is a list of presentations that are available by day.  Click the links below to get access to presentations:

Day 1 presentations | Day 2 presentations | Day 3 presentations | Day 4 presentations


Day 1


  • Benefits of using BS 7533 Materials for the installation of paving in rigid construction
  • Continuously Galvanised Rebar CGR
  • Critical success factors influencing performance of construction projects
  • Durability, service life and permeation properties of concrete
  • Epoxy Coating For Steel Rebar
  • Epoxy Coating For Steel Rebar References
  • Implementation of Multi-geodetic & Geotechnical Sensors in Structural Health Monitoring for Mega Structures
  • Innovative Techniques and Technologies in Core Wall Setting Out for High Rise Towers
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi & Green Building of the Year 2014



  • Airvoid Control in dry mix mortars
  • Colloidal Nano-Silica as a Concrete Treatment
  • How can zinc improve concrete performance?
  • Jobsite Mixtures vs. Drymix Mortars
  • Testing Reuter
  • The Importance of Effective Construction Management in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

Day 2


  • Analytical methods in the forensic assessment of fire-damaged concrete
  • Concretely Light Slabs
  • Exploring applications and methods of waterproofing, coating and concrete admixtures
  • Quality control of concrete ingredients and ready mix plant inspections in emirate of fujairah
  • Reinforced lightweight block rather than polystyrene forms in ICF
  • SQC in PC strand production
  • The Use and Development of GRC



  • Durability and Sustainability of Reinforced Concrete Construction in the Middle East
  • Effective Contracts Management
  • Service life and life cycle cost of reinforced concrete structures


Decorative Concrete

  • Adding More Decorative to Your Decorative Concrete
  • Contractor questions- Avoid regrets
  • CoolStain Concrete Cooling Process
  • How to specify decorative concrete
  • Specifications 101
  • The Science, Impact and Benefits of Infrared Reflective Coatings 

Day 3

Day 4


  • An Experimental Study on Self-Consolidting Concrete (SCC) under Hot Weataher and Prolonged Hauling
  • Competitive Advantage & Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy
  • Effective Procurement Planning
  • Exploring the effect of Soil Structure Interaction (SSI) on the response of structures
  • Latest innovations in fully bonded waterproofing systems
  • Recycle for ReUse



  • Carbon Mitigation Through Concrete Block Carbonation
  • Environmental legislation and regulations for the mineral industry in UAE
  • Key factors for constructing deep foundations
  • Precast concrete structures
  • Tilt up concrete structures


  • Al-Hail greens residential development
  • Concrete Durability
  • Emergency Procedure at Height
  • Greening of concrete Trends & Priorities
  • Guarantee mechanism for Material Supplied with guarantee certificates
  • Risk management
  • Standards for Mobile Towers



  • Building Materials & Pollutants
  • Chemical attack on the durability of underground structures
  • Exploration of Risks and Risk Management in Construction Project Delivery
  • Optimization of preventive maintenance to reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment availability